Asaf has been cooking up an all original album called OC Mix Buss. As with his other albums, he is writing performing, engineering, producing all the music and audio. This album has a twist, it is featuring his Mom Yakira Shimoni Fulks! She adds her poetry and spoken word to the project, making this album completely different from his others…and anything out there. It’s deep, melodic and reaches a wide variety of genres. Check the project out at

Asaf Fulks & Yakira Shimoni Fulks – OC Mix Buss

OC MIX BUSS is here! My collaboration album with Kira Shimoni Fulks is now playing everywhere! A mixture of original poetry and spoken word fused with contemporary urban music. Featuring thought provoking lyrics, heartfelt vocals and eclectic instrumentation that blend into a unique listening experience–enjoy the ride on the OC MIX BUSS!

Written, composed, performed, produced, engineered and designed by Asaf David Fulks and Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art at The OC Recording Company! Featuring singles 13th Sphere, Whys, Regardless of It All, Wipe Away Our Shadows and more…





This is my 6th album. Gearing up for law school finals and the MPRE test. Will be back in November to get going on #7!

See you again soon,