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Asaf David Fulks is a world renowned recording artist, singer, songwriter, music producer, composer, audio engineer, videographer, graphic designer, website designer, inventor, author, and educator. Asaf founded of The OC Recording Company in 2005 — a record label, music publisher, recording studio and accredited audio school in Orange County, California.

Asaf released three ground breaking production compilation albums between 2008-2012 entitled Asaf Productions Vol 1-3. Asaf has gone onto release two solo albums between 2016-2018, OC Express and OC Bandwagon. He wrote, composed, produced, performed, engineered and created videos for each song on these albums.  In 2019, he released a collaboration album with his Mom Yakira Shimoni Fulks entitled OC MIX BUSS. In 2021, he released several singles off his upcoming album OC Speaker Cab. Asaf’s music is available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. Physical copies can be purchased at

Asaf is the founder and executive producer of  His vast instrumental music collection can be licensed exclusively through this website.

To hire him to produce/engineer your project or to learn the craft of audio engineering and music production please visit

In 2021, Asaf graduated from Taft Law School with honors Magna Cum Laude and earned his Juris Doctor degree! He sat for the February 2022 California Bar Exam and is currently awaiting results. 

In 2022, Asaf recorded all the ADR for the Black Ranger in Season 2 of Power Rangers Dino Fury at OC Recording. He also recorded audio book projects for Penguin Randomhouse as well as Simon and Schuster including Audrina Patridge ‘Choices’ and Lynne Cox – ‘Tales of Al’!

ON THAT CRYPTO is now playing! Asaf Fulks, G’La and C-Nice are ‘takin it all the way’ in this funky hip hop song about crypto. Featuring smooth vocals, catchy punchlines and a feel good production.

Asaf has produced and engineered  5 albums for Whosoever South. In addition, he directed and edited their last 10 videos including the hit single ‘One Year Ago’ ft. KJ-52.

Asaf Productions Volumes 1-3 are classic compilations albums produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Asaf Fulks at The OC Recording Company. Now available on all major digital audio platforms worldwide. 

The Asaf Productions trilogy features various artists and includes the hit single “Breakout” which was The LA Clippers and St. Louis Cardinals theme song and was placed on various television shows including Showtime: The Franchise and Oxygen: Bad Girls Club New Orleans.

Most of it Now by Asaf Fulks has a exceptionally strong lyrics and I found the distorted vocals opening the track very attractive. The rap section is fantastic and fits in perfectly with the melody. Fulks’s voice is pretty phenomenal in this song. I absolutely love it! Green Roses is a heady, intense song. I love the melody, Fulks’s voice of course and the over-all production. The vocal layering are very very impressive and I also would like to mention the wonderful piano that’s a great foil to the vocal melody. The electric guitar improvisations are intricate and engaging. This is an awesome song and playing on repeat in my car:-) 🙂 Sunny Days is a glorious track showcasing Fulks’s and Gla’s magical voices. This song is also very visual in its appeal with its very descriptive and inventive lyrics . The love the chorus line…a groovy foot-tapping song 🙂 A perfect song for the sunny days 🙂
--Rickey Kej, Grammy Winner | #1 Billboard artist | Global Peace Ambassador & Conservationist


 Asaf David Fulks solo debut album OC Express is now playing! Written, composed, produced, engineered, performed and videography by Asaf. Cover design and countless creative contributions by YaKira Shimoni Fulks. Many thanks to G’la for her spicy vocals and all our talented IN THE STUDIO students who contributed to the project. Fantastic feedback from Matan Cohen. Dedicated to Ehud Shimoni.

Featuring the hit singles Green Roses, Sunny Days, Collide, 24/7/365, We Belong at The Top, Put the Weapons Down, Under the Moonlight and Mamacita Fuego!

I love Asaf Fulks he is the best engineer in California hands down!!! His mixing changed my life.

--Moe Rock

Founder and CEO,

OC Bandwagon is Asaf David Fulks second solo album! Each song has been released as a music video/single and the full album was released in October 2018!

Written, composed, produced, engineered, performed and videography by Asaf. Cover design and countless creative contributions by YaKira Shimoni Fulks.

Featuring the hit singles I Am Down, Love Has Taken Over, Consequences, SouLit, Cloudfall, Driftin’ Away, Earthbound and Rear View!

Smooth variety! I feel OC EXPRESS is love in music! It?s a true masterpiece with a well-balanced playlist that leaves you with varied emotions with the unconventional music and beat combinations. The vocals get you singing along, especially UNDER THE MOONLIGHT and PUT THE WEAPONS DOWN. Each track is significantly different from the other, bringing out the diversity in the influences and the common ground in terms of smoothness and richness. My favorite – WE BELONG AT THE TOP. Hats off to this record!

--Wouter Kellerman, #1 Bilboard Artist, Grammy Award Winner


OC MIX BUSS is here! Asaf Fulks collaboration album with Yakira Shimoni Fulks is now playing everywhere! A mixture of original poetry and spoken word fused with contemporary urban music. Featuring thought provoking lyrics, heartfelt vocals and eclectic instrumentation that blend into a unique listening experience–enjoy the ride on the OC MIX BUSS!

Written, composed, performed, produced, engineered and designed by Asaf Fulks and Yakira Shimoni Fulks at The OC Recording Company! They also produced original music videos for each song. Featuring singles 13th Sphere, Whys, Regardless of It All, Wipe Away Our Shadows and more…

Asaf you are a true Pro!

--Judge Jim Gray

Libertarian Party 2012 United States Vice Presidential Candidate

In 2020, Asaf released several singles/music videos off his anticipated OC Speaker Cab Album including Moments Unaware and Forever and More! Asaf writes, produces, performs, engineers, records, mixes, masters and arranges all of his releases. He also films, edits and directs his music videos. A true on-stop-shop!

Asaf released many singles with IN THE STUDIO alumni available here. You can also enjoy a vast collection of Asaf’s work in The Lost Discs Collection! Nearly 100 songs produced and engineered by Asaf that were previously unreleased.  

Asaf holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Denison University. He is a US Patent holder for microphone stand technology, a fourth year law student, author of IN THE STUDIO with Asaf Fulks: Audio Engineering and Music Production Techniques, Pro Tools certified and Waves Audio certified. 


Wow, Asaf! 24/7/365 is so awesome, you really don’t stop my Brother!!! Wow, the writing, production quality and videos are all top shelf. You know I love your work! OC Express is a first class production, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it.

--Paul Averginos

Grammy Award Winner

Asaf released a collection of educational videos entitled IN THE STUDIO WITH ASAF FULKS. Asaf sheds insight into his audio engineering and music production techniques and compares studio equipment during special live performances. Check out The OC Recording Company YouTube page to watch this series!

 Starting with a dream, focus and persistent dedication, Asaf built not only a state-of-the-art recording studio, but a world-wide reputation for the mastery of his craft. He is also known as an inspiring mentor and for his calming demeanor, friendliness and professionalism. His goal is to continue to produce cutting edge music, develop innovative studio technology, provide clients with high quality recordings and help his students succeed.

Asaf, your level of talent is truly unbelievable. OC Express and the accompanying music videos are amazing. You are a real virtuoso, just so incredibly prolific and I love all the singles you’ve released this year. I don’t know how you get so much done! I was just listening to Love Has Taken Over. The first part of the song reminds me of some of the stuff David Gilmour is doing. I feel like you’re really evolving as an artist, which is something ALL musicians should be doing, all the time.

--Gurujas Khalsa

#1 Bilboard Artist, Grammy Award Winner, White Sun is the official licensing outlet of The OC Recording Company Music Catalog. This renowned collection of contemporary music productions, eclectic instrumentals and bangin’ beatz was founded in 2005 and executive produced by Asaf Fulks.

Genres include Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Indie, Electronic, EDM, Dubstep, Trap, Top 40, Urban, Contemporary, Orchestral, Middle Eastern, Melodic Music. Each track has been meticulously produced, recorded, mixed and mastered in our state of the art studios by our team of world class producers.

All beat purchases include untagged, .mp3 and .wav files. Download links will be sent after checkout. Let’s make a hit!