Rear View is the last release of Asaf Fulks OC Bandwagon album. Asaf and Yakira deliver a spiritual message with powerful sounds and imagery in this timeless pop, r&b, electronic music crossover.

September marks The OC Recording Company‘s 13th anniversary! Wow, what a journey it’s been. The one person who has been here through it all is my SouLit Momma Kira Shimoni Fulks! It’s an honor to share this journey with her and collaborate together on my album. Thirteen in Hebrew equals love and without her love none of this would have been possible. This song is dedicated to my late uncle Ehud Shimoni, who loved the City of Angels and will forever be the King of Hollywood.

The signs are changing all around! This is the last release on my OC Bandwagon album — coming soon! Law school starts in October, the studio is poppin’ and now I’ll be promoting my Mom’s Yakira Shimoni Fulks I’m very excited to be a member of Chabad of West Orange County and to dive deeper into Torah studies with Rabbi Yisroel Zavdi. My music lives on at and Thank you all for your support. Enjoy REAR VIEW – trust I’ll be here to see this through. Keep your eyes off the rear view! A sweet and good new year to all!

לאהוד בּאהבה